Together we change
the narrative on
what it means to be
a well woman


In 50 years alive as a woman, I’ve learnt that modern society and culture doesn’t teach women the source of our true power.

Our wild ~ the part of us that is like and of nature

Our wisdom ~ the inner knowing that exists in each of us

Our womanly bodies ~ the unique experiences of womanhood that act as gateways in to our power and healing.

On the contrary, it redirects women away from this power.

My mission is to reconnect women back to this source of our vitality, health, radiance and fullest expression of self.

I’d love for you to join me.

Sharon Sztar

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Be Wild

What makes a well woman?

This is the question on every woman’s mind and the focus of a trillion dollar wellness industry.

Women are obsessed with being well, becoming well and staying well. And there is a lot of money equally thrown at it.

Over the past decade my whole outlook and understanding of wellness has taken a 360 degree turn. After healing from a chronic illness, I’ve learnt that being well is not an appointment you go to or a diet you go on. Nor is it a pill or supplement you pop.

Rather it’s getting to know you. Every tiny bit of you.

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Be Wise

Join Me


Would you like some extra support on your journey? Perhaps a mentor to help guide you home?

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A safe place for you to remember, reconnect and reclaim your feminine power

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Be Woman

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Hear from past and current clients

  • Sharon's work is so valuable for women today. Her sessions provide the space to step away from the treadmill of modern living and reconnect with our innate inner wisdom.
  • I thought I was alone in how little I knew about my womb and femininity until I came to your workshop and found out everyone in the room was in the same boat! Yet we all left armed with much more knowledge and with greater confidence in our female form because of your passion in teaching women about the one thing we all have in common.
  • There are some teachers you stumble across who resonate with you in an instant, for me this lady is one. Sharon teaches a restorative style of yoga called STM and is a wealth of knowledge in terms of fertility, menopause, women’s cycles and more. Plus her practice offers the deepest reset for your nervous system I have experienced.

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