Movement Method®

Enliven your body and enhance your capacity for pleasure, intimacy and sensual sensation.

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm and trauma tend to be hallmarks of modern day living. A by-product of this is that we disembody and our capacity for feeling aliveness, pleasure and sexual responsiveness is diminished, as is our capacity to self-regulate our nervous system. Non-Linear Movement Method® is a powerful, yet gentle, somatic embodiment practice that will help you to get back into your body and enable you to develop a greater intimacy with your inner world and bodily genius.

It was developed by my teacher, Michaela Boehm, over 20 years of personal and clinical practice and rooted in her early Kashmiri Shaivism tantra training.

What to expect during an
NLMM® class:
As a certified NLMM® instructor, I will guide you with my voice and an accompanying playlist on an inwards journey. The entire class will be done on a mat on the floor and you will be able to move at your own pace to your own rhythm.

The method can be applied independent of fitness level or age and adjusted to fit anyone’s individual needs. There is no need for experience with somatic modalities, dance or any other movement practices.

Rewards of joining an NLMM®class:

Feel more at ease within and with your body

Smooth out your nervous system

Process, identify and move through stuck emotions

Awaken erotic energy and sensual sensation

Releases trauma patterns into flow

Unite mind and body in intimacy with physical sensation

Create high bodily responsiveness

Expand your body’s capacity for aliveness and pleasure

Tap into your body’s natural genius, rhythm and wisdom

What you need to participate in an
NLMM® class:

A yoga mat or equivalent

Comfortable clothing that you can move in

Note: NLMM® is not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment. If you have a history of trauma, mental health issues or medical conditions, please consult your physician or mental health care practitioner to determine if somatic movement modalities are appropriate for you.

Email for class information

  • I didn’t know what to expect during my first NLMM class, but Sharon held the space so beautifully that I felt held within the container of her gentle presence. This allowed me to really let go and go on a journey with my own body and feelings all while being gently guided throughout.
  • Thank you Sharon for such a beautifully facilitated class. NLMM has been a revelation for me. Of all the practices I’ve tried, this method is by far the most freeing. I love that the movement is fluid and non-structured. It offers the most incredible release both physically and emotionally. A true embodiment practice that I look forward to continuing and developing.

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