Women's Circles

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  • Reading Women Who Run with the Wolves has been such a revelation and a remedy, anchoring me into the yearning that sits within, rather than it being a free-floating restlessness and sense of something missing.  The deep dives into each chapter a process of uncovering, unlearning, release and renewal - I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to access the deeper wisdom within its pages through you and the tribe of women called into the group.  Thank you for your leadership and willingness to share your stories and processes of learning and unlearning.
  • Sharon is deeply knowledgeable about all that it means to be a woman. Her insight and guidance is valuable and relevant to women no matter what age, background or life stage. She creates each unique circle with care and consideration and deploys a range of customised techniques to help stir that remembering deep within so that as women we can live more authentically and true to ourselves.
  • I've been joining Sharon for moon honouring circles for the past year now. Initially I came along to discover more about womanhood and especially how we are influenced by the lunar phases. I'd been exploring similar topics on my own but wanted to share the learning experience with others, so the moon circles are perfect and have become somewhat of a grounding ritual for me. I really learn so much from each circle, always something different and thought provoking. My understanding of astrology and how to work with the lunar phases in my own life has really deepened.Sharon creates a beautiful safe space to open up, share, laugh and connect which I am sincerely grateful for.

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