Goddess Infusion Retreat, Byron Bay, 7-12 August 2022

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There are no upcoming events at this time


There are no upcoming events at this time

  • Thank you Sharon for such a beautifully facilitated class. NLMM has been a revelation for me. Of all the practices I’ve tried, this method is by far the most freeing. I love that the movement is fluid and non-structured. It offers the most incredible release both physically and emotionally. A true embodiment practice that I look forward to continuing and developing.
  • I've been joining Sharon for moon honouring circles for the past year now. Initially I came along to discover more about womanhood and especially how we are influenced by the lunar phases. I'd been exploring similar topics on my own but wanted to share the learning experience with others, so the moon circles are perfect and have become somewhat of a grounding ritual for me. I really learn so much from each circle, always something different and thought provoking. My understanding of astrology and how to work with the lunar phases in my own life has really deepened.Sharon creates a beautiful safe space to open up, share, laugh and connect which I am sincerely grateful for.
  • I have been attending Sharon’s classes for nearly a year now and the changes I have noticed in myself and my everyday life have been amazing.  Each week, the class is like a rebirth and a chance to renew my energies and mindfulness for another week. As someone who has experienced anxiety associated with an autoimmune disease, the STM classes have grounded me whilst allowing me to revisit and embrace my femininity, leading to an inner strength I never knew I had. Sharon is an amazing teacher who is able to make each individual student feel understood and supported in her classes. Her empathy with others and intuition is truly something to behold.

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