Mentoring My vision is to return you
to your own power

Do you find being a 21st century woman a mix of excitement, despair, uncertainty, angst and beauty?
Are you struggling with fatigue or burnout?
Do you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or depression?
Are you overwhelmed by the busyness of life?
Are your menstrual periods irregular, painful or debilitating?
Are you in the midst of the rollercoaster changes of your peri-menopausal years?

Would you like some extra support on your journey? Perhaps a mentor to help guide you home?

If so, I’d love to hear from you.



The feminine force is a felt experience

It can’t be taught.
It can’t be strategised.
But it can be recalled.
It can be remembered.
It can be reached.

  • It’s really refreshing to connect with a woman with so much wisdom to share from experience! Time with Sharon has made me realise I am my own healer and that my body knows exactly what it is doing; our only job is to help it along its own process. Thank you as I can really feel the shifts in my physical body since reminding myself of these things.
  • From the first moment I met Sharon, I felt immediately comfortable discussing my personal situation with her. I was drawn to learning more about her past experiences and trusted her to guide me through a journey I had no knowledge on, and was confused by various medical advice I had been given. She listened and got to learn all about my lifestyle - thus set me a plan I could easily follow and I was away. Even when I found myself losing doubt on being able to regain my period back she knew exactly how to encourage me that it would come. After 8 years of suffering from Amenorrhea, I recently managed to get my first period, I was so shocked, excited and overjoyed to be able to tell Sharon my news. I continue to work with Sharon on my next journey and would recommend her to anyone looking to get your hormones back in check.
  • Sharon has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience that I found valuable to facilitate my healing. She understands women’s unique struggles and helped me find a path from confusion and disconnection to balance and acceptance.

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