Stillness Through Movement

Unwind stress, reset your nervous system and experience calm, bliss and surrender like never before

The key thing we’re all missing in our world today is REST. Not just relaxation time, but the experience of deep rejuvenating rest. Unfortunately, until we learn how to unwind the striving and ‘doing’ in our life, our body can’t easily enter a deep restful state.

Stillness Through Movement (STM), often termed a moving meditation, is a unique sequenced combination of supported restorative poses, vibrational medicine (aromatherapy), conscious breath and mind awareness techniques to support deep restoration of our endocrine and nervous systems. This nurturing practice will assist your nervous system in getting out of its ‘fight, flight, freeze’ stress response and into what is known as the healing and relaxation room of the body.

What to expect during an STM class:
Unlike most traditional yoga classes, STM requires no striving in poses; actually we request the complete opposite. Our goal is to release the body and mind from all striving as it’s only in this space that the body can relax, activate the PSNS and therefore begin to heal. This is why it is the ideal practice for anyone suffering from fatigue, stress related-illnesses or chronic pain. Most of the poses are also done on the floor which helps to counter the effect of gravity; you’ll definitely notice the difference. We also use numerous props to support the body in it’s unwinding process. It’s an extremely nurturing practice, yet it also refreshes the mind and body so you feel as if you’ve just woken up from a deep sleep.

Rewards of joining an STM class:
As this practice brings the body and mind back into homeostasis, it is really for anyone living in the busy modern world. STM is a panacea for our modern life. In our frenetic ‘on-the-go’ world, with very little time for pause, reflection and rest, we’re at the risk of being constantly in SNS overdrive (aka Fight, Flight, Freeze mode) and never nourishing our PSNS. The problem with this is that many of our key bodily functions, such as digestion, salivation, urination, defecation, lacrimation, sexual arousal and reproduction are dependant on a healthy PSNS. If we don’t take time to pause and experience deep rest and stillness, these functions begin to suffer.

In particular it helps to stabilise our female hormones through all stages of our cyclical life (puberty, fertile years, peri-menopause and menopause) and supports any conditions connected to the nervous and endocrine systems. It’s also a wonderful post-illness recovery ally as the PSNS is known as the healing room of the body.

What you need to participate in an STM class:
No yoga or meditation experience required. Depleted and tired bodies especially welcome.

Email for class information

  • Sharon is next level. Her practice takes you from flight, flight, freeze to this quiet really peaceful place. During the class, she comes around and wraps you in blankets, sprays essential oils on you – the works. Seriously it felt as if mother earth was taking care of me.
  • The interesting thing about the session was that it made me more aware of my body by helping me to get out of my mind. I didn’t realise how little awareness I had of my body and its sensations until I did this class.
  • I have been attending Sharon’s classes for nearly a year now and the changes I have noticed in myself and my everyday life have been amazing.  Each week, the class is like a rebirth and a chance to renew my energies and mindfulness for another week. As someone who has experienced anxiety associated with an autoimmune disease, the STM classes have grounded me whilst allowing me to revisit and embrace my femininity, leading to an inner strength I never knew I had. Sharon is an amazing teacher who is able to make each individual student feel understood and supported in her classes. Her empathy with others and intuition is truly something to behold.
  • I was feeling tired and spacey when we began. By the end of the session I felt more grounded and focused, less frenetic and no longer tired. It as if I had slept and woke up rested, although I didn’t actually fall asleep.

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