Women in Circle

A Women’s Circle is a place for women to come together to explore the very essence of our womanhood.

In ancient times, women used to gather in circles to openly share stories, wisdom and love. Reviving these ancient women’s gatherings is one way of reviving parts of our feminine nature that have been lost or ‘misplaced’ in today’s modern world.

In joining a Women’s Circle, you’re also giving yourself an opportunity to:

  • connect with yourself and other women in a deep and authentic way
  • be seen and accepted for who you are – there is no ‘fixing’ done in a Circle
  • re-treat from the demands of daily life.

I like to theme my Circles and run them monthly over a six month period. Each session will be divided into one hour of ‘teaching’ and one hour of ‘sharing’, inclusive of a tea and treat break. To ensure the group dynamic is effective and supportive, each Circle is capped at 10 women.

It’s imperative that all Circle participants understand and commit to working in a safe and trustworthy environment where they feel able to honestly express themselves and also compassionately witness another’s expression without judgement. Please take this into account before contemplating joining a Circle.

Circles for 2017 will commence in Melbourne, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in June. Please email me for further details.

Length – 2.15 hours including tea/treat

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