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Along my journey I’ve discovered many people, products and businesses that support my food and lifestyle ethos.

I don’t want to drown you in a list of contacts and more information to read and digest, but I feel it’s important to share discoveries that have made a difference to me and my life. Take or leave as you please.

Love Oils: Free Spirit Group

Another secret tucked away in the Northern Rivers is Love Oils, an organic seed oil division of Free Spirit Group. I discovered these delightful oils one day scouring the shelves of my local health food store for a rose hip oil. I honestly didn’t know what I was...

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Natural make-up: Ere Perez

I adore her mascara; I wear contact lenses and never once do they get irritated by the product. And if you take a good whiff, it actually smells like almond oil. I also use her eyeshadows and a beetroot gloss; an amazing product that you can use as both a lip stain...

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