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The blessing in a black eye

I recently experienced my first black eye. Before you presume, no, I wasn’t bashed, nor was I in a car accident or on a sporting field. Rather I was sleeping in a strange bedroom where I’d somewhat stupidly decided to leave the door half open. Can I emphasise: NEVER...

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Between the words

I've always loved words; I'm a writer, how can I not? The dictionary and thesaurus are two of my best buddies, taking up sacred space on my desk. I get a thrill from massaging what are essentially strings of sound into meaning that connects people; helping to find the...

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Eating with the weather Part 3: Warming up to winter

Although I love the expansive nature of the warmer months, my introvert side always thanks me when winter rolls around. Rather than having to ensure I make time for quiet and stillness, I actually crave it. Introspection, meditation, log fires, cosy nights, long walks...

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