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Flow with your menstrual cycle for optimum wellbeing

Would you like to know why some days of the month you feel as if you’re on fire and other days you’d like to crawl up into a ball by the fire? Would you like more regular and less painful periods? Would you like to discover food and lifestyle tools to assist with...

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Have you forgotten how beautiful you are?

Have you forgotten how beautiful you are? How powerful, how magnificent, how strong. I had. This morning, despite the vigorous strides I took as I climbed the hill to the lookout point at the lighthouse, I was feeling deflated. I was feeling less than beautiful, less...

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Communication comes in many forms. It can come on the top of your morning chai. An apology from your barista expressed with a line of cinnamon. A symbol of peace spoken without words. A mutual understanding that needed no nod. It comes in colour. Gothic black....

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The nose knows

During my years of working in downtown Melbourne, I had one pet hate: the entrance to the Myer department store. I’d literally hold my breath as I walked through the doors. The mix of warm air and scents of perfume and sprays coming from the ground floor cosmetic...

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The blessing in a black eye

I recently experienced my first black eye. Before you presume, no, I wasn’t bashed, nor was I in a car accident or on a sporting field. Rather I was sleeping in a strange bedroom where I’d somewhat stupidly decided to leave the door half open. Can I emphasise: NEVER...

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