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In healing my illness I discovered something simple yet profound; we’re living a life so far removed from nature’s way that we’re making ourselves sick – literally. I like to call this our ‘denatured lives’.

The not so simple bit? Although there are general assumptions as to what makes up a denatured life, what this exactly means to you may be different to what it means to me.

Do any of us look the same? Nope. So how can we live our life and/or solve our woes or heal our diseases in identically prescribed ways?

This is the number one insight I gained from my illness – the only thing we can do is to learn how to listen to and respond to our own body’s needs, moment by moment.

And this is exactly what I want to share with you: how I learnt to listen to my body and the path I then took to owning my health and my life.

Via my blog, articles, presentations, workshops and books, I will show you how I created ‘A Seasonal Life’; my antidote to a denatured life. I then hope that through my stories, insights and observations you’ll find a way to your own. The deal is that you take as much or as little from me as you wish; but ensure you take it to play with, to experiment with, to test. Tailor my ideas and make them your own.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

 Albert Einstein

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