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As our professional CV’s only expose one aspect of who we really are, I’d like to share with you a little more about the fully rounded version of me.

Visualise this – a woman in designer gumboots sloshing around in the mud in her veggie patch; and there you have me now. I’m the classic case of a born and bred city girl living the country life.

I love the simplicity and open spaces of the country, and the vividness of sunrise and sunset. I love waking to the birds mating calls and the rushing sounds of the ocean, and falling asleep under the luminosity of the moon. Yet I also enjoy the vibe and buzz of the city; its sophistication and multi-cultural atmosphere. And so my ongoing challenge is to merge the two parts of me in creating a fulfilling and rewarding existence.

When I was sick, I had to cull a lot out of my life and as I’ve healed I’ve found what now nurtures me and matters to me most are the simple things, which also form the essence of our daily lives.

Need perspective? Sit under a big old tree. It’ll humble you.

I love people; interacting, observing, touching (or dare I say that!) and having conversations and connections where we reach into one another’s souls and make our world’s richer through it.

I love anything and everything to do with food; growing it, eating it, cooking it, sharing it, shopping for it, dreaming about it!

I love curling up with a real book on my balcony in the shade of a late summer afternoon. I love candlelight and moonlight. I love the energy and potential of mornings and Spring. I love rainforest strolls, beach walks and ocean dips. I love buying beautiful cards and writing old fashioned letters to friends.

I love listening to music, whether it be the chorus of bird songs at dusk, a chill out track or even a hard beat or two.

And I especially love courageously experiencing every tiny inch of this thing we call life. To embrace, transform and grow with the cycles and mystery of nature and life is what makes it worth living for me.

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