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Ten years ago I quite frankly thought I was invincible. I was healthy, gainfully employed and living the “normal” life.

But if I was brutally honest, I believe I always had a niggling feeling that there was a better way of doing things. The catch was that I had no idea how or where to begin; so I didn’t.

Until I drew the card of a chronic illness, and I had to find the starting block. This journey didn’t come easy. It was like walking in thick snow, only being able to recognise the path I took through the footprints I left. The footprints now forming my Seasonal Life.

Lost in your thoughts? Place a hand on your body, it’ll bring you back to earth.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, there is something on this website for you:

  • Are you really enjoying life, or are you just saying you are, because, well, it’s normal and it’s what everybody else is doing?
  • Are you constantly trying to fill the gaps in your life?
  • Do you run from those moments when you get a glimpse into another way of being?
  • Are you clinging to a certain way of life to avoid the pain or loss associated with giving it up?
  • Are you constantly tired and/or living off empty fuel, reliant on your drug of choice’?
  • Are you in complete and utter confusion on what to eat? Are you scared of bad’ foods?
  • Are you constantly resisting the negative things that happen in your life?
  • Are you an inverted pyramid? (My term for a person who lives more in their head than their body)
  • Have you lost touch with the natural rhythms of your body and nature?
  • Have you forsaken your innate feminine (for women) or masculine (for men) traits?
  • Are you avoiding life in fear of death?

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