I’d been circling this book for awhile, wanting and not wanting to read it. I finally succumbed and knew immediately why I’d been wavering for so long…

Today I finished it with tears rolling down my cheeks. Such exquisite raw beauty.

A memoir of a dying 36 year old neurosurgeon/writer, it’s a book about death, yet it’s so much a book about life. 

For a writer and/or lover of language, it’s filled with the most poignant prose. 

For a medic, I imagine, it’s filled with wisdom. 

For all of us on this journey of life, it’s filled with so many truths. 

For anyone writing a memoir, it’s pure inspiration.

There were so many powerful sentences and phrases I could have sat with forever… 

Can highly recommend for those interested in a stirring, open hearted and damn honest read.

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