If you visit the Byron Bay, Mullumbimby or New Brighton Farmers Markets from October-May each year, you must stop and say hello to John and Lyndall Picone. Since eating their fruits, I find it hard to buy much from a store. Usually picked the day prior, you start to quickly ascertain the taste difference between fresh and a few days old.

When I began to consider eating fruits again, I kept being drawn to their stall with a delightful array of produce I’d never seen before. Specialising in sub-tropical and tropical fruits, I’ve tasted the best mangoes of my life, as well as mulberries to die for, and unique creations like brazilian cherries, jak fruits, dragonfruits, custard apples and sapotes.

During fig season, which it happens to be at the time of writing this piece, I totally indulge and find myself having figs with just about everything!

Eating from Picone Exotics has not only taught me how to consume fruit in season, but also from the climate of the region you live in.

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