Once you start reading more of my cookbook reviews, you’ll see there is an underlying theme to my favourites – essentially they have to be written by someone who loves food! When I say love, it oozes from the pages; so much so that you know it’s their secret magic ingredient in all of their recipes.

Giorgio Locatelli is one of those people brought to earth to cook, and to mainly cook Italian. Made in Italy is one of those cookbooks I read before I used, and my reading doesn’t mean looking at pictures (although that’s good too!) I was enchanted by his descriptions of olive oil and pesto making; I learnt about the perfect growing conditions for wheat and most of all I felt like I was in his kitchen with him.

His vegetable stock is now my staple and I follow his pasta and risotto making guidelines to the tee. Actually to be honest, when I finished his book, I wanted to eat pasta and risotto daily for the rest of my life

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