Byron Bay

Since moving to Byron Bay, I’ve come across some wonderful people, products and businesses that are in sync with my rhythm and style.

I don’t want to drown you in a list of contacts and more information to read and digest, but I feel it’s important to share discoveries that have made a difference to me and my life. Take or leave as you please.

The Bread Social

I'm often asked, So you eat bread?. Yes, I eat bread. The next question, What bread do you eat? Nearly always sourdough and living in Byron Bay, I'm spoilt. Down the road, tucked away at The Farm in Ewingsdale are some of the best bread makers ever; The Bread Social....

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Picone Exotic Fruits

If you visit the Byron Bay, Mullumbimby or New Brighton Farmers Markets from October-May each year, you must stop and say hello to John and Lyndall Picone. Since eating their fruits, I find it hard to buy much from a store. Usually picked the day prior, you start to...

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The Roadhouse

Literally on the side of the road in Byron lies my second kitchen. When I'm too tired to cook, need a bit of nurturing or just want to eat and be around real food, I head down the street; usually on a daily basis! Run by four locals and staffed by a team that greet...

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GAIA Spa and Retreat

If you are looking for a place to unwind and be pampered, I can highly recommend GAIA Spa and Retreat in the Byron Hinterlands. Situated on the highest point in the region, people normally go there for the spa treatments, spectacular grounds and time-out. I went for...

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