If you are looking for a place to unwind and be pampered, I can highly recommend GAIA Spa and Retreat in the Byron Hinterlands. Situated on the highest point in the region, people normally go there for the spa treatments, spectacular grounds and time-out. I went for the food! In my first year in Byron I had one request for my birthday I wanted someone to cook me a meal. For 2.5 years I’d prepared 5 meals a day for myself and I was over it! My parents sent me there as a gift and I actually cried when the meal was presented to me at my table. I was not disappointed; the GAIA chefs are known for creating fine dining meals made out of fresh, local and nutritionally dense ingredients.

The motto here is me time’ no boot camp, no pressure to get up early with a wake up gong or whistle, no expectation to even dine with anyone else. Whether you socialise or spend your entire time in solitude is totally at your discretion. Not a budget holiday, but definitely one worth considering if you have the time and the means.


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