I’ve never been a real fan of perfumes; always having felt overwhelmed by the scent as I walked into the doors of a big department store. I probably stopped using them on a regular basis many years before I got sick, so the fact that they’re now definitely off my bathroom cabinet list isn’t really a loss for me.

Having said that, I do love the natural aromas of flowers and can often get high’ on them, and I also love the way essential oils make me feel. I now know which ones make me smile, warm my heart, cool my body or soothe my soul and I enjoy mixing and matching them for my own personal requirements.

I often create them myself, even if it means wearing jasmines or gardenias in my hair, but not long ago I fell in love with the scent roll-on sticks made by Circle of Life Botanicals here in Byron Bay. The day I picked up the heart essence, I was feeling a little edgy and scattered; it both calmed and uplifted me instantly.


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